It is fast, more stable, looks better and much more useful features, indeed, it is much much better compare with its first release. However, it did not convince me to change my default browser. Why?

First of all, Firefox is my default browser because it is stable, fast and many extensions for work and for fun, and I could not find any point to switch to Chrome since Firefox can do all and Chrome can not do some Firefox tricks.

Secondly, Chrome still has some problem on page display, for example if you use WordPress, you can see there are some edges which is not as smooth as displayed in Firefox:

FF3 vs GC2

Chrome has a big improvement in this release, but not enough to get more market share. Google must think a way to combined its services with Chrome to make it strong unique reason for people to choose Chrome. Just like IE, IE is my second browser because I have to use it in many circumstance.