Two weeks ago I post an article about “Best editor for programmer“, today I found a good post about “what is your favorite IDE/editor for writing code?“. It is a good second opinion to help people choose their favorite IDE/Editor.

I only use a few IDE:  Zend Studio and Visual Studio.

studio-7-0-ea-imageFor my experience, Zend Studio 5.x is pretty good but it got a little problem on unicode character support. Zend Studio 6.x has a higher learning curve and not very stable, for me it is more like an experimental product build on Eclipse but it got some improvement on recent released 6.1.2. Zend Studio 7 should be a much improved product.

And for Visual Studio 6, it is a good product with Microsoft style: it steal all the idea from Delphi RAD to make it an excellent product. Well, actually Microsoft “Conviced” the chief architect behind Delphi to help them develop C#, which has proved that it was a correct decision for Visual Studio Series.

visual studio 6

By the way, CodeGear is still trying hard to make their RAD tool to be an important part in RAD market as in old days, however Microsoft never give them any chances.