Regular Expression

Are Regular Expressions a must for programming? NO, but it can save you a lot of time or make your life much more easier.

In programming, Pattern Matching and Parsing is a very important issue, every single one of us had to write a parser or a filter of some sort. Whether it’s to find data in an insanely large log or to read a simple configuration file.

Regular Expressions are integrated into many programmer tools and programming languages, just like a language within a language. It is so powerful that each time you use Regular Expressions, you are just like invoking a powerful search engine.

Regular Expression Book

If your search string is very simple, Regular Expression syntax is very simple. If your search string is very complicated, it will save a lot of programming in Loops, If Else, Upper Lower, Counting and Calculation, sometimes it just need a single line of syntax and couple of lines code when you have to code for hundred or even thousands lines to do the same job.

In short, Regular Expressions can be used to match just about anything! And saves a lot of your time and codes, therefore it is a must know and must learn. No Excuses!

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