It is a must-do duty for web workers (web developer or webmaster etc.) to fine tune their web pages, especially for those company whom has website. It is very easy to fine tune your web pages, just follow the steps here:

  1. First of all, use Firefox and install 3 plugins, Firebug, YSlow and LiveHTTPHeader (Serieously, you should already HAVE installed)
  2. Use YSlow to get your performance grade:


  3. Try to understand each item in YSlow. (The absolute minimum every web workers absolutely, positively must know about web page performance tuning (No Excuses!))
  4. 80% of performance gain is depends on first 5 in the YSlow list, try to get a better grade on these 5 item first. If you have any question on these 5 rules, please read “Exceptional Performance“.
  5. If your web page still slow after you get an A grade in YSlow, please check your web server settings, bandwidth and code in web application. (Frankly, you should find a professional to help you to check if you don’t know what to start.)

Here are some useful FREE tools for testing your web page performance: