Some body could give me any useful advice about how to solve information explosion which I face? When I found out I missed a lot of good stuff makes me nervous and I think I have waste a lot of time on collecting information.

I have several email accounts which contains many value emails. My browser bookmark has thousands items because every time I read or googling something good I will bookmark it for reference in the future. My RSS reader contains too many subscriptions that I don’t know which one I should begin to read. There are thousands of videos or documents in my PC’s hare drives which I know I will not open it anymore (I have four 350G and one 1000G and still not enough to store all my files).


It is just like what my previous post said, internet and web is making our world more and more difficult, simplicity is impossible for web worker or IT people because what we do is to handling “Information” and “Technology” and this difficult job will continue for some time and have a very good chance to be more difficult.