Recently I am tracing the progress of a new PHP framework – Yii and considering about building a new web application which I plan for a long time with it.

I am interesting in it because I have use another PHP framework, Prado (will talk about it later), which is build by the same team of Yii, on one of my project and it comes out pretty powerful and easy to use — if you have experience on “Component and Event Driven” framework like ASP.Net.

This time, they build Yii using MVC design pattern and by stealing all the best part of most popular web frameworks like RoR, jQuery, Sympony, Joomla and Prado. The best part is that Yii boast to have the best performance compare to ALL other PHP frameworks.

Yii PerformanceAnother exciting feature is that it has a plug-in architecture which borrow from Sympony. It means developer will be very easy and fast in developing new function and components, especially when someone has already create it for you. This means we can save a lot of time and concentrating on more important thing like begin a startup company?

Complete feature list is here.

Currently Yii is in 1.0.4, development is pretty active as you can see some progress going everyday. I believe this framework will help me a lot on my new Project.