Microsoft made the Release Candidate (RC) of Windows 7, the newest version of the OS, available to download. Microsoft claim to have several key areas which Windows 7 greatly improves on XP:

  1. Not-so-annoy Security,
  2. Much better speed and performance after you add enough Ram and CPU
  3. Hardware Compatibility (Because many newer hardware will support only Windows 7?)
  4. Better design scheme (cooler effects)
  5. Many other useless but “wonderful” functions,  like multi-touch support (Keep dominate POS platform market) and XP mode (Sorry, no Vista mode)
  6. Blah Blah Blah…




To cut a long story short: Windows 7 has stuffed all functions and features you want and you don’t want, therefore you have no reason but love Windows 7. If you don’t use other OS like Mac OS or Linux, in the end you will have to buy Windows 7, by the way Windows 7 has many features which Mac OS X and Linux does not provide, so buy one for yourself immediately when it release.

Personally I plan to wait until some information regarding Windows 8 released, at that time Windows 7 must be pretty stable enough for me to trust.