Moore’s Law: The number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit has increased exponentially, doubling approximately every two years.

It works pretty good in past decades, so many industry Experts or Analyst tries to use it on everything which turns out to be a ridiculous law. Here is an example:


According to Moore’s Law, CPU speed, Power use and CPU temp will double as time pass.

Moore's Law 1


If it is true, then we will need a nuclear reactor by 2019 to make our CPU run, which sounds pretty cool to me. And the CPU will be as the same temperature as the surface of the Sun.

Moore's Law 2


Therefore, reality and theory has some gap there, theory has its own limitation, don’t trust an Expert or Analyst too much in real life.

Moore's Law in Real Life


Original presentation from MySQL Conference & Expo 2009: