Go Home IE6

This cute picture is made for Momentile. You can see this picture when you enter Momentile’s website with buggy and outdated Internet Explorer 6. In the author’s website he has post the stories behind this artwork. (Also in higher resolution at Flickr)

IE6 has its own glory days. Long ago it should be retired. Unfortunately many people still using it since Windows XP is still the most common OS platform in PC and Windows XP’s will still be around for a couple of years because its support will be end at 2014.


It is time for you and me to say go home! goodbye to Internet Explorer, just like what it says in www.dearie6.com:

Dear IE 6,

Its been a good run, now please leave.



Yes, please leave when you still beautiful, just like those smart politician. Honestly speaking, things is getting uglier and uglier and uglier.