According to an interesting article of Naveen Bala on “The combined search engine column estimates that for every 100 PHP developers, there are 42 Perl developers, there are 12 Python developers and 4 Ruby developers.”

developer trends

And the winner is – PHP of course!

Of course this method is not very accurate, I think the result is more closer to “How popular is various Programming Language”, but you know what I mean.

I try to use his method to find out most updated statistics (Google only), here is what I found (again, this is just for simple reference and fun, DO NOT take it seriously):

Original method:

(intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) LanguageName -intitle:jobs -resumes -apply

  1. PHP: 729,000
  2. Java: 177,000
  3. PERL: 55,900
  4. C#: 55,000
  5. Python: 25,200
  6. VB.NET: 21,600
  7. Ruby: 13,600

after add a filter – filetype:pdf, which should be more accurate:

  1. Java: 19,000
  2. PHP: 17,000
  3. PERL: 9,420
  4. C#: 5,090
  5. Python: 4,730
  6. Ruby: 2,320
  7. VB.Net: 1,510
Naveen Bala