According to, Taiwan’s Facebook user has grown to a million users, last year it was about 100 thousands only.


I know Facebook for a long time, and yes I also have an account for couple of years, but I still don’t know why it is so popular until now. I read this post from, I begin to understand I am just getting too old to play computer game.

I used to spend a lot of times to play PC games like “Command and conquer” and console games like “Dragon Quest”, “Final Fantasy”…etc, but suddenly I stopped play game. To be more precisely, I stop it because I understand clearly that these games are just some codes and machines which try to help people to waste their time. And I know very well that I am just doing the same thing in my daily job: making a website for people to waste their time (or pay money) on internet.

I am a web developer/programmer, I really hate to waste my time on other people’s codes , as a Programmer or Player.

Facebook Now the Internet’s Ultimate Time Waster