In my previous post, Momentile has begin to remind user to upgrade their old IE6 browser. This week, many sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and YouTube are joining the action. With HTML5 is coming out, this old IE6 must die before Web 2.0 can move on to next generation because IE6 still has 15 ~ 20 % of browser market share.

Wiki about IE6

Since Windows still has the most of OS market share, this will most depends on whether people willing to upgrade or change their OS to Windows 7. Another factor is Netbook market popularity within laptops. It definitely will slow down the process of replacing IE6 since XP (which IE6 is default browser) runs better and smoother than Vista and Windows7.  I would say this is a big issue for companies like Google and this is another important reason for Goolgle to begin developing their own OS: they don’t want to kidnap by other people’s OS/Browser again.