In my previous post, I have introduced one of my favorite presentation style in OSCON 2009. Today I have to share another excellent presentation on TED by Jill Bolte Taylor. You can feel and attracted by her passion that continues throughout her presentation. For me, it is not presentation but more like a Stage PERFORMANCE. Don’t forget you can choose subtitle if you want, they provide 17 languages.

Recently I spent a lot of time to watch those brilliant presentation videos on TED and I realized that there are very big gap between good and bad presentations.

If a presentation is good, you will finished it even if you don’t even care about the topic of the presentation. You can understand easily even if the topic is about a very difficult and abstruse idea. You will even watch it more than twice if the presentation is just damn good. Here is some examples:

Top 10 Best Presentations Ever

Top 10 Best Presentations – The Reader’s Choice

Of course, Steve Jobs’ presentationS are on these list and I recommend you to watch the MacWorld presentation at Boston in 1997. It is not just a presentation, it is a Big Event in  Computer History. You can understand his plan 12 years ago just by looking at Apple’s success now. “Think Different”.