Most of my home PCs are DIY box, I hate to buy branded PC because their price and services. I also do cut hair twice a month by myself for more than 2 years, I like the DIY lifestyle and believe in the power of DIY. Yesterday I found an article about the Data center of Google from ZDNet Taiwan (Original from, it again proved the mighty power of DIY.

Instead of buying whatever pre-built rack-mount servers, Google opted to DIY their server infrastructure themselves. The motherboard is using Taiwan’s Gigabyte (which I guess is because the dual BIOS design?). This DIY server box has no computer case, looks very low-end compare to those branded PC/Server with beautiful cases:

Google Server on Rack


Looks like I can do that by myself, maybe I can also buildup a small data center at my home! 😆 The problem left is what kind of services to run on it.