From the Wikipeida: “The term innovation means a new way of doing something. It may refer to incremental, radical, and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations. A distinction is typically made between invention, an idea made manifest, and innovation, ideas applied successfully.”

Innovation can be a small thing in our life, and it can also be a world revolution. For me, Innovation is an important topic in everything and anything.

Power of innovation

In the Web 2.0 Expo Official website, there are many excellent resources, including presentation files to download and free video clips to watch. I took some time to watch speech video clips from Web 2.0 Expo on and there is one speech I noticed, titled “Myth of Innovation” by Scott Berkun (Berkun Consulting), and I could not agree with him more.

In short, Innovation = Problem + Solution. Why? because you need to take action, I mean real life action to make Innovation, not stays in your mind forever. All innovation begin with getting out a method (solution) to solve problem(s). Most of the time people think they had a solution, but it just can not solve the problem they were plan to solve. Sometimes people just did too much on the solution and it turns out to be over designed.

So, make sure you are providing a workable solution which CAN solve the problem and not creating more problem to solve, only then you can call it an Innovation.