I found that too many people under-estimate the power of flash. Flash is not a tool for doing those animation only, it can also be a very good application or games. If you never play a flash game before, here is what I recommend, and you will understand what I mean about “The power of flash”:

“Zoo Keeper” from Kiteretsu, this game is classical. It is small, simple and fun and a 2002 product which is very popular until now.


Of course, since it is popular, there comes sequel “Zoo Keeper Quest” at 2006.


And it keeps upgrade, here is the “Zoo Keeper DX”:


Kiteretsu keeps working out many small but nice games, the “Zoo Keeper” new series are now available on other platforms like PS2 (2000 yen), GBA and of course SmartPhone (J-Phone).

If you don’t like these kind of brain-intensive games or you like to play a more advanced 3D game, here is a flash game which play like Monopoly and which I think by far the most advanced (but it is a 2007 product), you have to “Get the glass“. This game is so popular that there are many how-to docs if you just googling for “Get the glass”.

Next is the Winner of FlashForward 2007 on Games category: CDX

Finally, if you just want to relax and have some fun, here is “Monoface“. “Simpler is better”, this game presenting visitors with a fun and simple Flash game that allows them to sculpt a Mr. Potato Head style face that contains 759,375 entertaining possibilities.

As you can see, flash has the power which you can not imagine, the limitation is on ourselves. You can find many more flash games or applications etc on web and if you find one please don’t forget to share on this blog.