It is out on March 12 and I have been using it for two weeks at home.

Firefox Beta Download

I found that although it is still in beta version, it is pretty stable and I could not see obvious difference between 3.0 and 3.5 when I first time use it.

Firefox 3.5 Beta 3

However there are differences: it uses less memory, load faster, much less delay when browsing Video and flash objects, JavaScript is more smooth. These are pro’s which I could feel after using it once. The only problem for me is that there are some extensions still not support for it but most of extension I use already support it.

Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 Release Notes

Summaries: All the good stuffs have improved its performance and added some good new stuffs in it. I am very happy to use it because it is really better than current version. Don’t take my words , just install it and find out yourself, I bet you won’t be disappoint. I can not wait to see the final version of Firefox 3.5, hope it won’t delay again.