If you are like me, trying to find a good, trustworthy tools to track online traffic recently, TopSEO has come out the “Best Top 10 Web Analytics Companies“. However, most of these tools are target at high-end or big company which can afford. Again, if your company are like mine, hope to find a more cost-effective solution (free solutions), read on, and you will be surprised just like me when you found out that there are many choices.

Here is a great article I found about current Web Analytics Tools(50+) available: http://mashable.com/2009/01/12/track-online-traffic/

After some simple trial and test, long story for short, here is my conclusion:

Google Analytics is the best Free tool available and VisiStat is the best Commercial solution, VisiStat is the 9th company in TopSEO’s “Best Top 10 Web Analytics Companies“. Yahoo! Analytics is better than Google Analytics but currently it is only open for Yahoo! Services. The Second Best Free tool is Piwik, however it is a LAMP solution (Open Source) so you have to take care a lot of System Administrator’s work.

web analytics an hour a day

After all, you might have to find out which one is most fit your requirement, but it is a time-consuming job, I think most of us can just fit Google Analytics or Piwik.