Framework has becoming very popular in Web 2.0 for couple of years. Especially in open source web application like PHP or Javascript etc. Recently the RoR is the most talked framework because the author did use it to create several excellent apps like Basecamp, even hottest Tweeter use it. 37 Signals has become a well know (maybe a Legend) company for web workers like me.

Even CSS has many frameworks! Why do we need a framework for web application development? Is it a myth or what?


Of course you don’t need any framework to create a fantastic, wonderful app. These are completely irrelevant issues. All frameworks has their limitations, but not your brain (ideas). What a good framework can do for you is only one thing: save your TIME. Because you don’t have to build everything from ground up. Yes, you need time to study and familiar a framework, but as your app growing up, you will save a lot of time to maintain it if you did use a framework. You can then use those saved time to think or focus on more important thing.

Frankly speaking, you are not an idiot if you did not use a framework to build your wonderful, creative, innovative app, you are simply STUPID. However, choose the most suitable framework for your app, not the best framework, there are no BEST exist in this world.