Today I have got a newsletter article by Manuel Lemos from After read the article I realised that Google App Engine is opening support for Java, not for PHP. PHP is not Native Support but is support through Quercus, a Java project.

There are rumors about why Google is not supporting PHP and many developers or web workers ask Google to support their languages, but I believe Google just need time to setup the management system, it must be a very complicated job to do. Frankly speaking, Java is safer and Python is more advanced than PHP (new languages always take best parts) and mostly important, Google does not want to kill those hosting services (So why bother to use Google App Engine?).  If you are a PHP developer or you want Google to support PHP, here are some helpful links:

As for me, programming language is just a tool, I only use/learn it when it is necessary (for job/project/habit), if Google App Engine does not support it, there are too many alternatives. Maybe one day I will use Google App Engine with Java. (I will learn Python if God give me an sign.)