“Microsoft is a bug” is target at Windows and Office, but I am not talking about there are too many bugs in Microsoft products, I mean the existence of these products in software industry.

I accidentally found the Bug #1 in Ubuntu’s Bug Tracing System, the bug is titled “Microsoft has a majority market share”. The bug is reported on 2004/08/20 and of course, it is still not fixed.

No.1 Bug

(Won’t fixed? Have No faith in your group?)

Ubuntu's Bug #1

Actually, as you might know, there are too many bugs in our world. If you don’t know, the movie “The Matrix” can give you a clear picture about what a bug will be in our real world: For example, I would say that Obama is kinda bug, currently he is just the Neo in “The Matrix”, still not sure if he will become a real “The One”, let’s wait and see if he can save human world (he is now busy for “Matrix Reloaded”).

As for Microsoft’s Windows and Office, they are the Agent Smith (also a bug) in “Matrix Revolutions” (eat almost all market share) and unfortunately, this time the Neos has no way to save our world (or give up?).

However, I am not giving it up, because I can see a new Neo is evolving: Web x.0. It is a new platform. As Windows and Office are Microsoft’s success and burden, I can see the same last scene as in “Matrix Revolution”: Agent Smith is penetrating Neo’s body.

Lead me from untruth to truth,
Lead me from darkness to light,
Lead me from death to immortality.