Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. – Confucius (551~479 B.C.) Simplicity is the ultima…

Web page performance tuning

It is a must-do duty for web workers (web developer or webmaster etc.) to fine tune their web pages, especially for those company whom has website. It is very easy to fine tune your web pages, just follow the steps here:

SQL Injection

A couple of days ago, one of my friend send MSN message to find some help. His friends’ web has been blocked by Google because of Trojan Horse. It seems that many webmaster or developer still not aware about the importance of security and how easy it is for a hacker to use SQL Injection

Web Trend Map 4

It is featured by The Guardian, WIRED, Le Monde, Corriere, kottke, Boingboing, Techcrunch, Mashable, Valleywag and literally thousands of blogs. Almost final version. Posted in panic. Please give them your feedback on the original post before they send it to the printer.

5 Things That Matter For Developer

There is another video from Web 2.0 Expo I would like to promo/share, it is by Mark Carges from eBay, talking about “5 Things That Matter” (You can call it MUATO rule?) and I would say that the first thing he mentioned should be rule of thumb for web 2.0 newbies.

The Power of DIY

Most of my home PCs are DIY box, I hate to buy branded PC because their price and services. I also do cut hair twice a m…

Convert PowerPoint Files to Flash